BUY Anti-ThrustGuard

Kickstop has established a reputation for supplying superior specialist security devices for Locksmiths and superior high security devices that can be fitted relatively easily as a DIY security project.


The range of Anti-Thrust devices was introduced just a few years ago and is by far the largest range commercially available.

Anti-ThrustGuard - for an outward opening door or pair of doors.

This very high security, 3mm thick, steel Anti-Thrust plate is supplied with a narrower 3mm thick steel Lock Guard plate.  The wider plate fits on to the external face of the door and the narrower plate on the inside.  The two plates are bolted together through the door (around the mortice lock or latch) with two security bolt fixings.  The fixings are supplied in a colour/finish to match the plates.

The external (wider) plate overlaps the edge of the door to resist implement attack and, because the plates are bolted together through the door, they provide a very high level of security.