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The DeadlockGuard is available in five sizes, three keyways, five polyester powder coated architectural finishes and three polished and plated finishes.

All Kickstop DeadlockGuards offer superior protection and resistance against kick-in attacks and forced entry.

The very first original DeadlockGuard is the 9601

300 x 35 x 7mm - available with UK, Euro and Oval keyway

300 x 29 x 7mm - available with Euro and Oval keyway - to clear with only a few remaining


The 9601 is available in two widths and has four bolt through security fixings.  Because of its popularity as a high security product, the wider version, in the more common UK and Euro keyways, is available in more finishes.  The slightly narrower version is perfect where a large door stop and draught excluder is fitted to a door with a 2 1/2" deadlock.

Ideally, a cylinder rim lock should not be fitted too close to a mortice lock.  As a rule, the mortice lock would be fitted at about a third up from the bottom of the door and the rim lock at about a third down from the top of the door.  Occasionally, these locks are fitted so close together on a door that the longer 9601 DeadlockGuard will not fit.  For any customer encountering this problem, we recommend the shorter 9600 or 2000 DeadlockGuard. 

Always check - before ordering. 

The Kickstop 9600 DeadlockGuard is the shortest

188 x 35 x 7mm - available with UK, Euro and Oval keyway

The 9600 has two bolt through security fixings, it's the most popular DeadlockGuard and is available in more finishes.

 The wider, flatter Kickstop 2000 DeadlockGuard is 3mm thick

203 x 50 x 3mm - available with UK, Euro and Oval keyway

The 2000 DeadlockGuard has two bolt through security fixings and reversible plates that can very easily be removed, reversed and refitted at a future date to conceal any accidental scratches or other slight damage to the original finish.

The Kickstop 2300 DeadlockGuard is the most recent version

230 x 50 x 5mm - available with UK or Euro keyway

The latest version 2300 DeadlockGuard is available in white and satin silver polyester powder coated finish as well as brasslux and bright chrome plated finish. This is a very substantial door reinforcer with two bolt through security fixings 


Before ordering

    Very carefully check that you are ordering a LockGuard with the correct keyway for your lock