StapleGuard - Bolt Through


The StapleGuard is bolted together through the frame - around the rim lock staple (keep)


The StapleGuard (originally known as - London Frame Reinforcer):

This bolt through version of the London Bar has two plates.

The external plate is flat with a bevelled edge designed to resist side impact.

The internal plate has a 'D' shaped staple to fit over the rim lock staple.

Supplied with 4" (100mm)  long security bolt fixings.



Before ordering

Very carefully check that the StapleGuard staple size that you order, is the correct size that you need to fit over the door's nightlatch or rim lock staple.

If in doubt, please read the section on the London Bar 




2004 Universal Staple 

(30mm x 97mm)

This is a large size staple that can be slightly reduced by using the two fixings  

9603 Standard Staple

(30mm x 70mm)

To fit over the staple of a small size nightlatch  

9604 Large Staple

(30mm x 97mm)

To fit over the staple of a larger size rim lock


9605 Ingersoll Staple

This is a 'non-handed' StapleGuard with a 30mm x 70mm Standard staple - to fit over the left or right handed Ingersoll SC71

It will fit over the lock staple and has a small cut out section to allow the Springbolt of the lock to pass through.


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